Heavy Metal Homewares

Heavy Metal Homewares

Been a while since my last post. Got struck down with bronchitis last week so was out of action for a bit. I dislike being sick, but take comfort in the fact that it is almost the end of winter. Only one more month. I spent four days at home whilst being ill. I spent some time arranging the junk I have in my room. I felt like a bit of interior decorating, although the stuff I have in my room is a bit of a mish mash of random objects. I like it that way, but at the same time wish I had some sort of coherent theme. I put together an inspiration board of metal home stuffs.

Heavy metal homewares

One. Stainless Artichoke Lamp – I see this everywhere in restaurants and hotels, but I still think it holds its own. A nice modern focal point to any room.

Two. Assorted Cushions – Seems a bit clichĂ© to have fancy cushions, but I’ve been swayed on them. Some can be practical as well as stylish, right?

Three. Chrome Bourgie Table Lamp – Eclectic. Lamps always seem expensive to me for their practicality. They are more for mood lighting than anything else, but I like the look of this one.

Four. Gold Front Skull – Looks like a mean little paperweight. I love how eccentric this piece is. It would look lovely on a heavy wooden desk, with maybe some leather accents.

Five. Heavy-Weight Tape Dispenser – I just like how this looks. Better than my boring black plastic tape holder. Weighing in at 3 pounds, it is ideal for one-handed use. How convenient.


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