Hu Tong Dumpling Bar, Melbourne

Hu Tong Dumpling Bar, Melbourne

It has been a few weeks since my last visit to Melbourne, I thought I’d start to post up some highlights from my trip. I had a photo book made up, and I noticed that 90% of my photos consist of food. Hah. I quite like having a physical book to flip through (read: not a digital screen) of all my holiday snaps. In any case, there are a few places that I must go on a trip to Melbourne, Hu Tong Dumpling Bar being one of them. This place has featured on a number of weekender lifestyle shows and countless blog posts, so here is yet another one. :)

Xiao Long Bao
Xiao Long Bao in soy vinegar and ginger. One of the must-have dishes, each little dumpling parcel is bursting with a flavoursome broth.
More Xiao Long Bao Dumplings
More of the delicious Xiao Long Bao dumplings. You really can't go wrong with these.
Pan Fried Dumplings
The most amazing pan fried dumplings are crispy on the outside and lovely and moist on the inside.
Shallot Pancakes
An interesting take on the traditional shallot pancakes (I've always had them flat and cut into pizza wedges). This was still bursting with flavour.

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