I really like my stationery

I really like my stationery

If you know me, you know that I have a big thing for stationery. I have a jillion pens, pencils, markers, whatever. A lot of it I don’t use because I stick to the basics for everyday. If I had enough money and time, I’d buy out the entire stationery section at Kinokuniya.

I especially have a weakness for washi masking tape. I have rolls on my desk that I don’t have a use for.Well I do, but I don’t want to waste it on the things I want to use it for. Story of my life. I once had a set of scented highlighters that I refused to use because I didn’t want to waste it. Fast forward to the day I decided to use it, I discovered it had dried out. I was sad. Come to think of it, I did the same with my light up sneakers.

In any case, out of boredom, I’ve put together a few stationery bits and bobs that have caught my eye recently. Window shopping only. I have too much stationery that any one person could ever use to last a lifetime.

Stationery I like.

  1. Brocolli Cardholder, from MoMA Store.
  2. Ava Thank You Card, from Rifle Paper Co.
  3. Moleskine Panoramic Diary, from Moleskine.
  4. MT Japanese Masking Tape, from NoteMaker.
  5. Lamy Safari Fountain Pen, from Lamy.

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