Weekend brunching

Weekend brunching

Hopefully Sydney-siders are surviving the deluge today. It really seems like a little bit of rain makes everyone cray-cray. Just on the train this morning this guy was shaking off his wet brolly in the aisle leaving the floor soaked. My questions is, one wouldn’t do this INSIDE AT HOME, so why would you do it INSIDE A TRAIN? Honestly. /end rant.

I made the most of the sunshine this weekend and went out for some brunch at Mecca. I’m a sucker for their coffee and their grain bowls, but find not much variety otherwise. Otherwise I like to dropping by just for the interiors and the flora. They always have such interesting blooms to decorate their space.


I paid a visit to Mecca on the weekend as H was craving some fried chicken and discovered they had updated their menu with an all day breakfast. Helloooo late brunch. Opting for some scrambled eggs and smoked hash browns (read: more of a rosti) I didn’t leave disappointed.


Obvi went for the coffee as well. The hash browns were crisp and crunchy on the outside, and soft and deliciously tasty on the inside. Definitely will be back for more.

Crafting + Caffeine

Crafting + Caffeine

Eee so busy! I’m finding less time for my creative pursuits these days. I like alternating between different projects at a time. At the moment I have some soft toys partially completed (a kitty and a monkey), as well as a crochet scarf I’m doing for my mum. I really want to introduce a semblance of structure to my crafting, not really sure where to start. I do what I feels. I’ve been living off copious amounts of caffeine in different forms lately. What else is new?


On the plus side I finished a couple of other crochet projects I started a few weeks ago. I made a quick pram blanket and some super cute Converse-esque booties for a friend who just had a baby. Now the challenge is when to pass them onto her before the short window of time when they actually fit elapses.


Summer in bloom

Summer in bloom

It’s not even lunch time and I’m feeling a bit indifferent about this entire day. It’s a balmy 29ºC outside. Although it feels much warmer (+ muggy). On the plus side it seems that my tropical flowering trees/plants are loving it and are on full bloomin’ mode. Not complaining. I love them and will lop them off and put them in a vase first chance I get :D


I know you aren’t meant to cut and vase frangipani, but I couldn’t resist chopping off the bright pink and yellow blossoms that appeared on my tree and putting it in a bowl vase. Of course it didn’t last for very long but left the room with an amazing scent. Also, am still loving my gold scissors from Hay.


My not-so-secret shoe obsession

My not-so-secret shoe obsession

I have a serious shoe problem where I find myself with a jillion pairs of shoes. Story of my life. In any case, I’m super excited about my latest shoe buy. I got my first pair of Louboutin flats. I found a pair of Manovra flats by chance on the Outnet site (aka Net-a-porter’s outlet store). It’s a little hit and miss on the Outnet, but you can usually score some pretty things at some pretty good prices.


Slingbacks. Mesh. Spikes. I knew I needed them in my life.

When I was around 7, I used to have a pair of closed toe slingback flats that I loved until the day they died. I’ve found many pairs of open toe slingbacks to date, but haven’t yet found my formal pair. Here’s hoping these are a good fit!

In the meantime, I’m eagerly awaiting the DHL man!

Reflections for the new year

Reflections for the new year

It’s that funny time of year where I crave change and new beginnings. I’ve been notably absent on the blog, I seem to return only when I want an outlet for my thoughts. I suppose that only makes sense. I want to document a couple of things for the year for my own reference if nothing else. I’m not really one to make resolutions, but since this a milestone year for me I feel somewhat obligated.

This year, I want to travel more. I don’t want to live with regrets, so at a minimum I’m aiming for one overseas trip this year. Lucky for me it has already been booked. Aw yeeeahhh! Bring on 2016. I wouldn’t mind doing more local/domestic trips either. Last year’s trip to Cairns was fun-o-rama.


More than ever, I value my creative outlets. I have a bunch of projects on the go at the moment: crocheting, scrapbooking, sewing and pottery classes on top of all that. I’m determined to finish all the craft work I set out to do.


Decluttering. Related to previous post, I accumulate a crapload of junk that I convince myself I’ll use for future craft projects that sit on a shelf untouched for months. I’ve adopted the Konmari method and ask myself – does this item bring me joy? I want minimalist, zen happiness. And more garden-picked blooms.


I purchased a Bando Florabunda journal this year, it’s larger than my usual diary formats but I’ve purposely gone down that route to allow me to have all my crazy lists in one place. I’ve stocked up on washi tape and planner stickers and fully intend to get on board the journalling-train! Toot toot.


Here’s to 2016!

Giving this another go

Giving this another go

I figure I’d try this out again. I really enjoy blogging, so I’m going to make an effort to get back into it and see how I go. I’ve had a few distractions and things pop up.

I did some pottery classes, LOVED IT. I’m taking a short break from it, but I’m definitely keen to get back into it and continue what I’ve started. I’ve definitely had some hits and even more misses, but it’s quite therapeutic to get down and messy with the clay. I finally started getting my groove and produced some pieces I’m super proud of. Did I mention I love bows?


I welcomed a new niece, well, I suppose not so new seeing as she’s hit the 3 month old mark. Newborn no longer! I’m amazed at how quickly they reach milestones and how much they grow from month to month. Insane. I’ve been doing monthsary shoots with her and have a lot of photo editing on my to- do list.

I can’t believe winter is all over. I was getting used to wearing my winter woolies and my big thick coats and all of a sudden it is now spring! Not that I’m complaining. I’m a big fan of the warmer and ever so slightly longer days. Took advantage of Daffodil day last week and bought some happy blooms.


In the meantime, I got around to framing a bunch of prints I had lying around. The single positive of being lazy with framing is that they all accumulate (I had four prints in total) so I managed to get them all framed for around AU$100 each. Now the next step is to decide where to hang them (read: I have no wall space).

Audrey Kawasaki

Rifle Paper Co sale on Notemaker

Rifle Paper Co sale on Notemaker

I’ve been a long time admirer of Rifle Paper Co – I’ve seen some custom illustrations that are nothing short of adorable! Notemaker has a flash sale on all Rifle Paper Co stationery at the moment and I have my eye on a couple of bits and pieces. I would love to get some blank cards to frame, although I’m afraid I have very little wallspace left to hang anything up. Maybe for now it will just be looky-lou only!


Not that I’m engaged, but this card is so sweet. Such a cute idea for pulling together your super special bridal party. The colour combinations are always spot on and I love the overall aesthetic of their illustrations.


Paris will always have my heart. This would be a perfect candidate to frame and put next to some of the snapshots I have from France. Reminder to self: print out European trip photos!

Check out the sale here.