Oh woops

Sorry life, I’ve barely had time to keep up! I did quite a bit of online shopping in the past few weeks, and so I’m getting all my parcels now. Definitely feeling like Christmas! Which is quite alright with me. Apologies this post isn’t very coherant. I’m a bit all over the place this weekend. Especially since I made the detrimental choice of purchasing some coffee beans from Double Roasters (then subsequently made a cup of after dinner tonight). Uh oh.

I’ve finally gotten my hands on an Opal card after weeks of putting it off. Let me just say it has made my early mornings a heck of a lot easier. No more queueing for me!

I’ve been crazy obsessed with Mel/Melissa shoes. The jelly shoes are oh-so-comfortable and have been albeit useful in the wet weather Sydney has been receiving lately. My biggest problem these past few weeks revolves around which pair to wear out. FWP.

Mel by Melissa shoes

(Love glitter. And love polka dots.)

My Asia haul + misc

Asia haul

So I haven’t yet gotten around to editing those photos from my trip, but I did take a shot of some of the haul I took home. Note this isn’t all for me. Naturally it included a tonne of nail polish, duty-free make up buys and a bunch of stationery. Most of the stuff is sitting in a box on my dresser. I need to get around to organising it and putting it away.

I have been toying with the idea of a leather pencil skirt, and because I’m still in experimental mode, I went and got a pleather Zara pencil skirt. I was lusting over it in Asia, but the BF said no. I found myself in the new Sydney Zara store (holy large batman) and I bought it on impulse. Love it though.

Well since this has become an entirely materialistic post, let me say how much I am loving Mix Apparel. I stumbled on it yesterday whilst meandering through an outer-Sydney Coles. I bought some lounge pants (2 for $20 – how could I say no?). Long story short, I ended up buying two more pairs because they are just the comfiest things ever.

Mix Apparel

Love the pants, not so much the “action” shots.

Weekend withdrawals

Not even midday on Monday and I’m having weekend withdrawals. I started editing some of my Asia snaps before I realised I was doing them out of order. So in conclusion, I got disheartened and put them off for another post. In lieu of my holiday photos, here are some weekend pics. Beginning with a 3 cheese pizza/elevator selfie from Friday.


Saturday/Sunday was spent procrastinating (the crazy flash storm didn’t help with my indecisiveness). We found ourselves on a mini road trip to Cabramatta to try out Tan Viet. Which I would definitely recommend. It was bar none the best fried chicken I’ve had to date. The skin on each piece was crispy beyond perfection, and the meat was juicy and succulent. Anyway. Just try it. Trust me.


The other highlight of my weekend is something I’m ashamed to admit. I went and got the 3DS Yoshi console with the Animal Crossing game. I used to play it on the NDS during university, and felt like reminiscing. Besides which the Professor Layton x Phoenix Wright crossover game comes out in a few days which I’m dying to get my hands on too!


Did you get up to anything interesting on the weekend? AND more importantly, are you wearing something green for St Pat’s day today?

Monthly catch up.

I’ve reverted back to my blog-lurking phase. But, I’ve come out of hibernation again. I just realised that I haven’t written a post in almost a month. And all I can say is wow. A lot can happen in a month. And the girl can shop.

Please don’t judge. I’m really only 5 and three quarter years old.

The biggest problem I have right now is deciding what 3DS console to get. I’ve decided I need one in my life to play Animal Crossing. And that new Professor Layton x Phoenix Wright cross over game thing. I’ve narrowed it down to 3 colours. I’m leaning towards either the Yoshi one, or the white one. The silver/black combo feels a bit masculine.


Visions are seldom all a dream

Blast from the past

I’ve been on a trip down memory lane reading posts from when I was in my late teens. I pulled the photo above from an entry where I was obsessed with Hello Kitty and hazelnut latte’s from Starbucks. Those were the days. Of course clearly visible is my keyboard cover from the times I’d frequently eat in front of my computer. I gotta say, it preserved my keyboard well.

This post isn’t about anything in particular really. I need to figure out what I should make for dinner tonight. I’m contemplating making some risotto with the porcini stock I have procured from last night’s dinner. But, this involves me purchasing some more ingredients to round out the meal. I’ve been obsessed with having freekah and chia in salads lately. I’m not on any particular health kick really. I just like the texture of both.

I have so much on my to do lists that it isn’t funny. Luckily I’m on top of my email-reply lists, so I feel somewhat more accomplished than usual. But I still feel like I have 20 jillion things left to do. Which I can’t do until later tonight. Woe is me.

Calendar talk

For two years straight, at the beginning of each year I would buy a Frankie calendar to stick up on my wall. Then last year I waited too late and they sold out before I could get my hands on one. I decided I was over calendars and the tedious exercise that it was to flip over the months as they went past.

Then yesterday during my lunch time stroll through Westfield, I noticed Frankie diaries and calendars on sale at 25% off. With only one calendar left, I knew it was a sign to get one. If you’re still looking for a diary, there are still a bunch of them available from The Lucky Charm newsagent in Sydney Westfield!

I did in fact have a short list of calendars that I had at the end of last year in anticipation of potentially purchasing one for 2014. It probably is a bit late to post about them now, but, I like me some designer eye candy.


Love these floral yearly calendars. The black contrast [left] just really stands out, and what a great idea to frame a pretty blooming calendar [right].


I have a soft spot for little feathered friends [left], and gorgeous little geometric botanical designs [right].

il_570xN.504888716_m8nhThis last one is another a pretty floral print, available on Etsy. The artist advertises the versatility of being able to remove the calendar portion and retaining the top for a lovely art print after the year is done.

How do you feel about calendars? Do you have one for this year? Would love to see what you guys have up on the wall!

Online sales galore

I didn’t buy many outfits on my Asia trip.

I did however buy a lot of shoes whilst overseas. While I thought I was perfectly fine with this whole scenario, it turns out I was  mistaken. I started to browse the online sales when I got back last month. I bought a whole heap of junk from Asos and Seed Heritage. Now that they’ve all started to arrive, I’ve begun to sort through my haul and decide which ones to keep and which ones to return.

I love how easy it is to return merchandise bought online, because a) sizing is a never ending nightmare; and b) you can’t avoid the times where the real deal just doesn’t live up to the magnificent thing you saw in the photo online.

I bought a couple of basic shirts from Seed. I couldn’t say no. It really would have been wrong to not to buy them. The linen shirts were down to $11 each, so I picked them up in a few colours. They are such a great relaxed fit and definite keepers. The banana yellow silk shirt doesn’t fit quite well on me, so I’ll have to return that some time this week.

seed-heritageThen there’s the Asos stuff. I got a few dresses. Some hits, some misses. I bought them while there was the extra 10% off sale items, so there is no love lost with the ones that are going back.

asos-dressesTo round it all off, I got more basic tees from Asos as well. At less than $10 a piece and 100% cotton, I say HELLO summer staples. I don’t think I could have enough cotton t-shirts.

asos-teesJust to keep things balanced, I got some Yankee candles. I saw them in HK and they had such amazing scents.Then I saw these little sampler sizes online, I knew I had to give them a whirl. Will report back on them soon.






Monday. With a side of bacon.

On Monday morning I was stopped at an inner city train station when the train guard made a lengthy announcement over the loudspeaker. It was a PSA informing us that we should blame the lady in the fourth carriage (and not CityRail) if any of the 600-odd passengers were late to work. Assumedly she had caused a kerfuffle and held up the train at the station just to get on board. To be honest I didn’t even realise there had been a delay in leaving the station. Such a lovely  greeting to kick off the work week.

Anyway. I caved and got myself a personal blender thanks to a lovely lady on my Instagram (@smeloise – thanks for enabling. Haha). I found out that the George Foreman Mix and Go was on sale at Myer, and after discounts it worked out to be something around the $32 mark. I have to say I’m pretty impressed with it so far. Not only with the blender itself but also with my self motivation in prepping the fruit/veg the night before ready for the next day. Who knew coming up with juice concoctions could be so fun? I’d love to hear your fave juice combos!

George Foreman mix and go

I discovered a new favourite brunch place over the weekend – Three Williams in Redfern. I can’t recommend the French toast enough. Seriously. If you love berries, and yoghurt, and sugar, this is for you. The coffee ain’t half bad either. I’ll be back for more. Oh the ideal time to pop by is probably between 1:30-3:00pm, which is closing time, but if you don’t mind a late lunch, you’ll avoid the queues.

french-toastThe scrambled eggs with a side of crispy bacon is a winner. I didn’t try the tasty pile of chocolate coated doughnuts (I think?) on the counter, but I’m pretty sure they taste good too.


I’m off to dream about eating said donuts whilst thinking up some more juice combinations. And potentially consider the inclusion of black or white chia seeds…

Have a great week all!

Asia 2013: First stop, Manila.

The original reason for my travels was for my brother’s wedding. Of course it had to be during the most expensive time of year to travel, but that’s alright because I wouldn’t miss it for anything. They decided to have their ceremony at the same place my parents got married at just over 38 years ago – the world heritage listed San Agustin church in Intramuros.


The hotel slash reception venue was the Manila Peninsula, which was almost as spectacular as the church. I loved spending time in the massive foyer with the sparkly Christmas tree. The breakfast buffet here has got to be the best I’ve ever had (no exaggeration). Made-to-order omelettes, waffles, French toast, honey-bacon. I was in heaven. There was no way I’d skip brekkie in the mornings.

manila-penIn between the wedding craziness, we managed to fit in a few shopping trips which no doubt involved lots of food. I overdosed on Cinnabon. I do not kid, I crave it non-stop when I’m not in the Philippines so I ate enough rolls to closely resemble one by the end of the trip. In other news, H acquired a taste for San Mig beer.

food-shotsManila was very kind to us. This trip was probably the mildest weather I’ve encountered – not too hot and sticky. We really didn’t do much sight-seeing in the Philippines on this trip, mostly shopping and eating. Not that I’m complaining. It’s always a good excuse to come back.

weddingWe had our fair share of cocktails. 7 dollar cocktails. Is that even a question? I didn’t think so. I love how cheap everything seems to be in Manila. I somehow acquired 3 new pairs of shoes in one day of shopping.

cocktailsNext stop Singapore! To be continued in another post…



Back from South East Asia

So I’m long overdue for a blog post. It got so crazy and hectic towards the end of last year! Overseas trip packing and planning got the better of me. Most of my trip photos are over on my Instagram, but I have plenty more on the compact camera that I’ve yet to upload. I didn’t bother bringing the SLR with me as I thought it’d be too heavy to lug across four countries.

In any case, if you’re curious, for the past month I’ve been traipsing across Asia (namely the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong). It was originally a trip for my brother’s wedding, but I thought why not go all out and travel around Asia. Of course shopping and eating were mandatory criteria of the trip. Here are some highlights of the trip. I’ll be sure to do more of a detailed post on each country in the coming days!

In Malaysia,  I really enjoyed the half day trip out to Batu Caves. It literally translates to the stone caves, this monolith of a temple is built into a cavern atop an odd two-hundred something steps. The steps were steep and oh-so-tiring, but well worth the trek. There were a bunch of friendly monkeys that live off the fruit given to them by the locals along the climb up.


Macau was another one of our stops. We stayed only one day, but crammed as much casino and culture as we could. Granted we don’t really gamble, it was still amazing to be in the city that has apparently taken over Vegas. The frescos inside the Venetian were AMAZING. Can you believe the photo below right was taken somewhere close to midnight? Insanity.


Hong Kong was one of my favourite cities. It gets up late, and stays up late, just like me. It goes without saying we did lots of shopping and eating here. We had to get some Peking duck despite it not being one of the HK specialties… We didn’t regret it one bit – I’d never seen so much duck for two people in my life.

Hong Kong

I hope everyone had a fantastic break! I’m looking forward to catching up on blog posts. I’ve neglected my Feedly for way too long.